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What Is Workholding?

Workholding is a device that holds a piece of material during a manufacturing process.
Effective Workholding will…

  • Save Time – As you can potentially reduce cycle time.
  • Save Money – As it will last longer.
  • Produce Better Parts – As it will be more accurate.

Our speciality is low volume/high-quality manufacturing of both standard and bespoke workholding items.

Supplying Workholding, tooling and ejection equipment to manufacturing companies world-wide. Our low-volume, high precision facility with years of product knowledge positions us perfectly to manufacture bespoke workholding packages for a variety of industry sectors.


See What We Do

Holmes UK (Workholding) Ltd are one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of specialist workholding equipment based in the United Kingdom with a global customer base.

We are a specialist low volume/high-quality manufacturer of both standard and bespoke workholding items from collets to crimp jaws, internal gripping to feed fingers and ejection equipment. 

We work with clients to provide complete solutions to their workholding issues. From complete design to simple suggestions, overcoming issues such as breakage and gripping strength.

Accuracy, consistency, repeatability and reliability are why our components are used by some of the worlds largest manufacturers.

We supply many sectors, OEM machine and tooling dealers, automotive, medical, oil & Gas, food packaging, aerospace, to name a few.

Our extensive manufacturing expertise enables us to design and produce sophisticated and complicated solutions for customers to help the efficiency of their production facilities and solving their workholding problems.

Cutting in action

Cutting in action

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